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Role of Color Psychology on Home Design

Did you know that certain colors can compliment others? Or that particular colors can make you feel a specific way? These are just two of the many reasons why designers have to use color intentionally when designing a space. Read below to learn more about color psychology and the way it affects home design!

What is Color Psychology + Why It Matters:

Color psychology is the long studied theory that each color creates a different mood in a space and evokes a certain emotional response from human beings. Studies of color psychology date all the way back to the early 1800’s and deeply examine the impact that color can have on the world.

Color psychology is incredibly important in home design because we spend so much time in our houses. We are constantly surrounded by colors and they can be affecting you in ways you may not realize. Is your home welcoming and warm or chaotic and wild? Is it giving you a peaceful haven after a stressful work day or is your home causing you extra stress? Let’s find out!

Colors and the Emotions They Evoke:

Orange - the color of creativity

Purple - the color of passion and liveliness

Green - the color of peacefulness and nature

Blue - the color of intelligence and loyalty

Yellow - the color of cheerfulness

Red - the color of energy and power

Black - the color of elegance and sophistication

White - the color of cleanliness and purity

Using Color Psychology in Design

When using color psychology in design you first need to consider what mood you want your space to have. You also need to think about the amount of space and natural light that you have. Then it is time to select a color or a set of colors that compliment each other!

After selecting your color, you will need to decide how to incorporate it into your design. You can use it in curtains, pillows, paint colors, decor pieces, etc. This is the fun part! Don’t be afraid to play around with different patterns and see what you like the best. After all, your home design should be about you and what you love!

Using color psychology when designing your home is incredibly important to executing a cohesive design. It is all about creativity and using color science to back up your design. Remember to have fun with color and try different things! Comment any questions you have below and have a nice day!

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