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How to Make a Bed Like an Interior Designer

It’s no secret that making your bed every morning is linked to increased levels of productivity, but do you know how to make your bed look like it was made by an interior designer? We are here to share all of our tips and tricks with you so that your bed can start looking more professional!

1. The Comfiest Sheets

The first step when making your bed is to add some comfortable sheets. Don’t be afraid to do some research and test out different materials to find what you like the best! Once you find the perfect sheet set simply place them on your bed and tuck in all the corners.

2. A Textured Coverlet

The next thing that we like to do is add a beautifully textured coverlet for an extra layer and to create interest in your bedding scheme. We recommend opting for a neutral color like white, tan, or gray. The coverlet should go directly on top of your top sheet and the corners should also be tucked in.

3. A Cozy Comforter

For another layer and some extra interest, we recommend adding a folded comforter to the foot of your bed. You can fold it over once or even twice depending on how thick the comforter is. Here you can add an accent color or a different neutral color that fits the color scheme of your bedroom.

Quick Tip:

Steps 2 & 3 are interchangeable. For example, you can place a comforter over the top sheet and a textured coverlet folded at the foot of the bed. This depends on how warm you need the bed to be.

4. Euro Shams

The next step to make your bed look professionally made is to add in the pillows. The first pillows to add are euros and they should be placed sitting up against the headboard. Euro shams are typically 26” x 26” but they are also available in 32” x 32” if you want a larger pillow.

Below is the amount of euros needed for each size bed:

King - 3 Euro Shams

Queen/Full - 2 Euro Shams

Twin - 1 Euro Sham

5. Standard Pillows

In front of your euro pillows, you will want to add your standard pillows next. These pillows will sit up against the euros and you only need two for all beds except for twin beds (twin beds only need one pillow). For king beds, you will use two king pillows which are 20” x 36”. For queen and full-size beds you will need two queen-sized pillows which are 20” x 30”. For a twin bed, you will use one standard-sized pillow which is 20” x 26”.

6. Accent Pillow and Throw Blanket

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to your perfectly made bed! The last step is to add an accent pillow in front of the standard pillows. We recommend a lumbar pillow that goes along with your color scheme. The size you need will depend on how big your bed is. The final item to add is a throw blanket. This should be tossed on the end of your bed, on top of your folded coverlet or comforter, for another layer that you can easily grab if you get cold.

There is a lot more to making a bed look professional than meets the eye. We hope that this serves as an easy reference guide for you to look back on for years to come! Let us know in the comments if this was helpful or if you like to make your bed differently!


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