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Holiday Must-Haves; Our Picks for the Perfect Holiday

The temperature is dropping, the fireplace is crackling, and the cooking is about to begin; it must be the holiday season. We know that everyone likes to spend the holiday’s a little differently, but there are a few things that you simply must have for the season!

1. Greenery and Flowers

Nothing makes a home feel more lively than some fresh bouquets of greenery. Our personal favorites are poinsettias, holly, and ivy. These flowers are sure to make your home ready for the holiday season!

2. Candles

Whether it be added light in the window or the perfect Christmas scent on the coffee table candles are a perfect way to create a little holiday ambiance. It’s hard to go wrong with a sugar cookie, cinnamon, or even a fern-scented candle to make your home smell amazing!

3. Cozy Blankets

Nothing says cozy like a perfectly soft blanket to sit with by the fireplace. It’s never a bad idea to have several extras on hand to make your guests feel right at home!

4. Holiday Music

No holiday is complete without a little music playing in the background. Whatever you like to listen to is the perfect way to make cooking, dining, and mingling lighthearted and fun!

5. Cookies

Speaking of cooking, how do you have a successful holiday without cookies? Cookies are kind of like the glue that brings everyone together. So grab your family and your favorite recipe and bake some cookies that everyone can enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed these fun holiday must-haves! We would love to hear what your favorite holiday traditions and items are, so make sure to comment below! Happy holidays from your friends at Set to Sell!


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