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Grand Millennial Style

Finally a trend that brings my roots to life! Growing up in a home in New Orleans antiques were the norm and family heirlooms were to be cherished. Silver, china and linens were used frequently and monograms were as prevalent as mosquitos!

Grand Millennial style brings antiques, trim, drapery, slipcovers, wallpaper, gallery walls, antique rugs into new modern spaces transforming them into warm approachable classic spaces that feel right no matter what age you are. Classic design is the key to this style and most of us who love this look are somewhat (ok maybe very) adverse to trends and fads.

Here are some examples of adding this warm style to your own home!

Add an antique Oushak style runner to your kitchen or bathroom.

Photo from Pinterest

A gallery wall always adds warmth – be sure to find some antique prints to mix in your grouping!

Photo from Huckleberry Collective

Wallpaper as an accent – a wonderful way to add character to your space.

Photo from Pinterest

Add carefully curated antique pieces that will become family heirlooms and pair with a modern abstract painting.

Photo from Huckleberry Collective

Antique books – what could add more warmth!

Photo from Pinterest


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