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Different Types of Rug Construction + Why it Matters

I know what you’re thinking, “Why does the construction of a rug matter?” Well, it’s important because it will determine the style, quality, texture, and durability of the rug. There are many different ways that rugs can be made, most of which we are going to note below so that you can choose which construction will work best for your space!

Flat Weave Rugs

Flat weave rugs are made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers and are constructed on a loom instead of being knotted. Flat-woven rugs are produced when the vertical yarns are weaved through the horizontal yarns. Because there is no backing material, flat-weave rugs are reversible and usually thinner than other constructions, hence the name “flat-weave”.

Durability: 3-10 years

Hand-Knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs can be made from many different materials and are one of the most intricate processes of rug construction. As the name suggests, these rugs are produced when the weaver hand-ties individual knots onto the yarns that make up the length of the rug. The knots make up the surface of the rug and are then sheared for an even finish. No two hand-knotted rugs are alike.

Durability: 10-25 years

Tufted Rugs

Unlike the knotting method, tufted rugs are made when loops of yarn are pulled through the rug backing material with a handheld tufting gun. The rug is then sheared to form a smooth surface, but be aware that this method can produce more shedding than other constructions. After shearing, another fabric is glued to the back of the rug to hold the yarns together.

Durability: 3-10 years

Hand-Hooked Rugs

Hand-hooked rugs are constructed similarly to tufted rugs except that the yarn isn’t sheared on the surface. The loops are left untouched which produces an embroidered look. Like tufted rugs, separate canvas material is glued to the back of the rugs to hold the yarn together.

Durability: 3-10 years

Power Loomed/ Machine Made Rugs

Guided by a computer, power-loomed rugs are produced on large machines with hundreds of spindles of fiber. These fibers are mechanically woven into a thin mesh backing and produce very uniform and even knots. With machine-made rugs, a coarse latex backing is added to keep the yarn secure.

Durability: 2-6 years

Hair-On-Hide Rugs

Hide rugs are simply made from natural hide and can be sewn together and dyed to create different patterns and designs. Brands and other markings can be displayed to add character and give each one an authentic look and feel.

Durability: 5-10 years

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Indoor/outdoor rugs can be constructed using machines or the hand-hooked method. These rugs are made using synthetic fibers instead of traditional yarn and typically include UV protection. Materials like vinyl backing, rubber, or latex are used to help indoor/outdoor rugs withstand weather and solar rays.

Durability: 1-8 years depending on indoor/outdoor use and direct sunlight exposure.

I know that was a lot of information and it can be difficult to remember when you are starting to shop for your new rug. Feel free to bookmark this post so you can easily come back and reference it! Also, let us know in the comments which rug construction you like the best and of course if you have any questions! Have a beautiful day!


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